Introducing Coachella Dahlia April 05 2015

Meet Dahlia everyone!  She's really into Coachella, every year you can find Dahlia there!  If she's not at a concert or having fun in Coachella you can find her in the desert.  She even has a custom OLIVO dress made for her and her Coachella shenanigans.  She made her teepee and set up a campfire.  She's so crafty she even made her own bracelet and necklace! Have fun at Coachella Dahlia! 

New Wallets, All EXCITING STUFF!! January 10 2015

Here's a sneak peak at what's to come for our brand!!

Happy Holidays!! December 14 2014

OMG! Has it really been that long since we have written a blog post! YIKES!  2014 was a very beautiful year for us.  We had a new addition to the family!  #BabyGirlCharlee :) So that has really kept us all busy here.  We are back in full effect and have a new product...Let me introduce the wallet :)  Some have leather backs as well!  It's all new...all exciting!!

Enjoy friends and Happy holidays!!


Happiness Pillow finds a home OLIVO July 29 2013

It's always nice to see my products in peoples homes! Thanks Meg for sharing!! 

Updates!! July 26 2013

We are in the process of making lots of new updates to the website so please excuse the messiness.  I took a small break and did some internet surfing to find that Little Miss Sunshine mentioned me in her blog post.  Thanks!  You can read it here 


Renegade Craft Fair OLIVO July 21 2013

So I haven't been blogging much at all (I know bad!) I have been so busy shooting and prepping for the Renegade Craft Fair that I am just getting up for air and it feels pretty good I can't lie!  We just wrapped our first craft fair ever and it was pretty amazing!  Lots of great venders, DIY's and good food trucks (YUMMM!)

For everyone that left with a card to order online please note that most of the items at the fair are NOT yet on my store and will be available later this week.  Please continue to check for updates or if you wanted something and didn't pick up send me an email and I'll be happy to ship it out to ya :)

Thank you to everyone that stopped by to say hi.  I will be posting more about the fair with lots of pics later on in the week as well.


Otherwild May 09 2013

Today I met with a rad store in Echo Park, CA called Otherwild.  The owners wanted to check out my product line...You can now find my pieces at Otherwild as well! 

The Renegade Craft Fair May 06 2013

I'm so excited to say that I was accepted to be a part of the Renegade Craft Fair today! 

For those of you loyal customers that have been purchasing online and want to see more and for those that really want to see what the product looks/feels like in person here's your chance!


The Mercantile Shop April 27 2013

If you're ever up in Northern California and want to "feel" my products check out The Mercantile Shop in Sonoma, CA!  They carry great fun pieces and the staff are really friendly and helpful! :)


New pieces being added :) April 22 2013

This past weekend we went out to the desert and photographed a bunch of new pillows and pouches that are being added to the site!  Enjoy the new pieces, they're pretty awesome.


New Pillow Design April 03 2013

I have been working hard doing photoshoots and designing new products!  Here's a sneak peak of a new pillow coming soon!!  It's an inverted image from a very special road trip. 


by raquel olivo pillow

New pillows and pouches being made! March 27 2013

I'm excited to share that some new pillows and pouches are being made as I type this.  They're pretty rad if I may say so myself, seriously it's art on a pillow!!!  I can't wait to share the images of these new pillows.  Next week the new pillows will be up on the site for you to view and purchase.  Thanks for reading.


Pouches March 09 2013

This weekend some new exciting pouches are being made to be shipped to The Mercantile Shop in Sonoma, CA!

Launching By Raquel Olivo February 05 2013

I'm excited to be launching this site for the world to see!  Please have a look around.