Renegade Craft Fair OLIVO

So I haven't been blogging much at all (I know bad!) I have been so busy shooting and prepping for the Renegade Craft Fair that I am just getting up for air and it feels pretty good I can't lie!  We just wrapped our first craft fair ever and it was pretty amazing!  Lots of great venders, DIY's and good food trucks (YUMMM!)

For everyone that left with a card to order online please note that most of the items at the fair are NOT yet on my store and will be available later this week.  Please continue to check for updates or if you wanted something and didn't pick up send me an email and I'll be happy to ship it out to ya :)

Thank you to everyone that stopped by to say hi.  I will be posting more about the fair with lots of pics later on in the week as well.