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Introducing Coachella Dahlia

Meet Dahlia everyone!  She's really into Coachella, every year you can find Dahlia there!  If she's not at a concert or having fun in Coachella you can find her in the desert.  She even has a custom OLIVO dress made for her and her Coachella shenanigans.  She made her teepee and set up a campfire.  She's so crafty she even made her own bracelet and necklace! Have fun at Coachella Dahlia! 

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Happy Holidays!!

OMG! Has it really been that long since we have written a blog post! YIKES!  2014 was a very beautiful year for us.  We had a new addition to the family!  #BabyGirlCharlee :) So that has really kept us all busy here.  We are back in full effect and have a new product...Let me introduce the wallet :)  Some have leather backs as well!  It's all new...all exciting!! Enjoy friends and Happy holidays!!  

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We are in the process of making lots of new updates to the website so please excuse the messiness.  I took a small break and did some internet surfing to find that Little Miss Sunshine mentioned me in her blog post.  Thanks!  You can read it here   

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