Yosemite or Bust

Today marks my 6th day away from all of the chaos. Away from all of the uncertainty and sadness. Away from what is an inevitable reality. Rarely tuning into news and enjoying what life has to offer being nestled into a cabin in the woods in the middle of nowhere.

It’s been like narnia in a way. So majestic, things that children’s books are made out of has somehow been our reality for almost a week now. Trees covered in moss and sometimes snow, waterfalls with the dreamiest backgrounds cascading into these luscious streams. From one day to the next the landscape changing so drastically that you can only feel like you must be dreaming. Much like a children’s book is what life has been like here in just 6 days. From sun to rain to slush and snow.

I took photos of places I had only seen thanks to Ansel Adams and I channeled him while I photographed in his stomping grounds. We made snowmen and had snowball fights, we explored a lot, saw wildlife in its element all the while the world around us was getting scarier to live in.

As much as I wanted to be off grid I called and spoke to the important people in my life. My parents live on the other side of the country and while it’s been hard living far from them for the last 18 years, it’s never been as hard as it is now. How do you help your loved ones when they’re so far away? My dad says shelves are empty at the markets and my heart breaks. I have confidence that we will all get past this. Books will be written. Documentaries and movies will be made. Kids will read about this in their history books when we are long gone but for now this is our reality.

There is no script. This is changing minute by minute and the unknown gives us all even if just a little, a level on panic and anxiety.

I remember as a kid hearing about The Great Depression. Mostly it would be something like, “oh yeah she survived The Great Depression and is very frugal with money even though she has stacks stashed away.” Or something to that affect. We should all learn something from this terrible experience. I hope we can all live with less and that be perfectly ok. The markets here in Yosemite have full shelves and still we are being cautious about food. Nothing goes to waste. I even used corn husks to help light my fire. From this most of us are learning to ration and to be more mindful of how we make choices. We are actually thinking things through and not being so impulsive. I hope that once this is past all of us we will instill some of these practices everyday forever. I pray that so much good comes out of these uncertain times. While I know we are a ways away from recovering because at this point it hasn’t gotten as bad as it’s going to get.

This post isn’t meant to be somber instead it’s purpose is to put things into perspective from a person that is watching it from afar, putting her bootstraps on and getting ready to be back to the reality most people are living. Getting ready to have to be in those ridiculous lines at the market and not find all the ingredients I need to make dinner or fill in the blank. Together we can survive this. Together we can be stronger. If we all work together we will be better humans because of it.