In 2002, Raquel uprooted from the East coast and moved to Los Angeles to seriously pursue editorial photography. She began shooting on a few major hip-hop videos, and after gaining experience there, moved to beauty, fashion and celebrity editorial projects. In just a few years she was shooting for both national and international magazines including: Marie Claire, WWD, L'Official, Rolling Stone, Zink, Visa Black Card Magazine, Karen and Prestige, just to name a few.

In 2014,  Raquel, who had been taking a few hobby sewing classes,  had the idea to print some of her editorial style photos on pillows and sell them at a  Los Angeles craft fair, and something just fell into place.  Raquel fell in LOVE with the hands-on approach of  creating physical designs and presenting them to the world. The seeds had been sewn.  Having some experience working in the the fashion world to ground her, Raquel dived head-on into her passion for design. Soon after, OLIVO by Raquel was born.  Her collections have since expanded from pillows and home decor, to custom hand sewn designed bags, that are now sold in shops across Los Angeles. 

We hope you enjoy her story and her collection!